Remote Online Notary

Online Notarial Services & Fees Starting at Only $35

Why Use Our Online Notary Services?

Secure Document Signing

Get documents or bundles of documents signed using our PKI X509 Digital Signature encryption software. This security ensures that any changes made to the document after signing, invalidates the signature.

Live Video Signing Session

Remote online notarizations can be done from the comfort for your home or office. Get your documents notarized from a desktop or mobile device in a matter of minutes.

Fast, Accurate, Convenient

RON speeds up the notary process and minimizes errors.  No more signing in the wrong spot, or putting the wrong date on your documents.  Get your documents notarized anywhere, anytime, any place.

What are the Requirements?

Valid ID

To perform a notarization, Texas law requires an identifying document, such as a driver’s license or an ID card issued by a state or federal government agency.  The ID must include a photo and signature of the person.  Copies of ID’s or temporary ID’s are not acceptable.  Texas also allows the use of a credible witness in order to verify a signer’s identity.  A credible witness is an individual who knows the signer of the document.

Computer / Mobile Device

Check to see if your computer or mobile device is configured to accept our process.  Your device will need a camera and a microphone to use our remote online notary service.  It only take 30 seconds to run a test on your device.  If your device fails any of the tests please call us at 713-489-4737

Provide Document(s)

You will need to provide the document(s) you would like notarized.  We are not Attorney’s and we are not allow to provide legal advice.  This includes recommending or creating documents. Please use the button below to upload your documents.  You can upload up to 5 documents at a time.  

How to Prepare for the Meeting?

To prepare for your signing you must view (unless instructed otherwise) this 2- minute instructional video that reviews the 2-step identity verification process

Once you have viewed the ID video, please quickly view the 1 minute sign in procedure.  Be sure to sign in 15 minutes prior to your appointment time.

Document Notarization

When do I need a Notary?

Power Of Attorney

A Will or Trust

Pre-Nuptial Agreement

Deed of Trust

Reverse Mortgages

Consent Letters

Employer Verification

Income Verification

Real Estate Transactions

Medical Forms

Retirement Plan Distributions

Towing Forms

Home Purchases

FHA / HUD Loans

Home Refinancing


Notary Fee Schedule

First signature of each individual


Each additional signature of each individual


Administering an oath or affirmation


Taking the deposition of witness, for each 100 words


Swearing a witness to a deposition


Protesting a bill or note


Each additional notice of protest


Protesting in all other cases


Certified copy (copies not included, must be made by the notary)


All notarial acts not provided for